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Being Aware of God’s Leading

In chapters one and two of Matthew we find two different accounts of different people who are in tune with God and His voice and His leading.  We read about Joseph who hears from God via an angel in a dream, that he is not to ditch Mary, but that he is to take her as his wife because the baby she is pregnant with is of the Holy Spirit.  OK, let’s be honest.  If you were Joseph and woke up the next morning after that message, would you believe that it was really God speaking to you? Not sure I would have.  In chapter two we read about the magi coming to visit Jesus a while after he was born.  We’re told that they were also warned in a dream to head a different direction and not go back to Herod.

What do Joseph and the magi have in common?  They are close enough to God that they can distinguish His voice and His leading.  There was no question about whether it was some weird dream or the result of something they shouldn’t have eaten the night before.  They heard the voice (told in a dream), woke up and knew it was God and obeyed.

Do you and I have that same intimacy with God that we can hear His voice and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Him speaking to us?

What impact would that have on our ministry to students if we were that in-touch with God?


About Rich Landosky

I'm married and my wife and I have two incredible children. I am the Associate Pastor of Ministry Development @ New Life Church of Toms River, NJ. Prior to taking this position in November 2016, I spent the last 32 years in local church student ministry. Big NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Besides my family and spending time with them, I love music, riding my '92 Harley-Davidson Sportster, cycling, and messing with techy stuff.

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